Digital Marketing

Google Marketing

“Be seen by customers at every moment when they are searching on google for the things you offer ”.

Galaxy IT Solutions will help you to grow your online sale ,new website visitors and keep customers coming back for more by google marketing. Galaxy IT Solutions will do google marketing by “google Adwords” for your business which is search engine strategy to generate more traffic and leads ,Galaxy IT Solutions will  provide you wll optim

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Facebook Marketing

Facebook marketing is crucial for any type of business.we know that it is not easy to build and maintain this presence on facebook. In fact, it can be challenging to find the time and know how to do facebook marketing ,That’s where “Galaxy IT Solutions” come into picture.

Facebook marketing offers high quality media content management to help busy business owners to maintain a solid social media presence, so that when potential customers go looking for you,

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Social Media Marketing

In business social media is used to marketing of  product , promote brands, connect, to current customers and to faster the business. social media is a phrase that we

throw around a lot these days, often to describe what we post on sites and apps like:
*google +

Benefits of social media marketing :
To get targeted traffic on website, to boost SEO of webs

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SMS Marketing

sms marketing is also known as direct text marketing . companies and business can get benefit from using sms marketing form of modern marketing bt sending either promotional contents, discounts ,offers ,alerts, remainders, coupon codes or any other informational content vai text format directly  to individuals.sma marketing is really encouraging because sms marketing is very cheap and gives quick results. the fundamental value is that the target audience is often open the text messages t

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Bulk Email Marketing

email   marketing is the form of direct marketing that uses emails as means of communications ,business promotional offers, coupon codes to audiences. Email marketing mostly broadcast mails sent to audience to do brand building and promotion of business. email marketing is done with the purpose of enhancing the relationships of a merchants with it’s current or previous customers and to encourage customers loyalty and repeat business. Sending emails with the purpose of acquirin

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